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Funding Appeal

Who are we?

We are psychotherapy students based in London. We are Sarah, Adeola and Angela. We are very different in our outlooks and backgrounds but joined in our commitment to our BME communities. We face significant barriers to qualification, not least of which is funding. We hope to raise at least £20,000 towards the joint cost of our training for the 2019/2020 academic year. 

We have each successfully completed our foundation year training at a leading Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling training institution, and will fully qualify as counsellors after 3 more years of study, or as psychotherapists after 4 more years of study. 

We face significant barriers to the completion of our training as psychotherapists:

  • The annual cost of the psychotherapy training course, alongside the cost of books, our own required therapy and additional diversity and skills development training is extremely high - in excess of £9000 per person. 
  • There are a limited number of bursaries offered by training and psychotherapy associations. Access to a limited subset of government loans is only possible in our final year of study.
  • People of colour of African and Asian heritage are the most visible minority in need of psychotherapy and counselling and the least represented as psychotherapists and counsellors in Britain. (McKenzie-Mavinga (2009))
  •  The awareness of an individual’s subjective racial identity and the challenges faced can be disillusioning for many BME trainees. (Lago and Smith (2010))

What do we need from you?

We have supported each other through our foundation years and are determined to push and pull ourselves through to ultimate qualification as psychotherapists, when we hope to continue our journey, and be of use to our communities.  

We would like to raise at least £20,000 towards the joint cost of our training for 2019/2020. Anything you can offer us by spreading the word or donating would be very much appreciated. Any funds raised as surplus will be rolled over towards the cost of our second and future training costs.

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